Who is Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi?

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is a prominent Ethiopian-Saudi Arabian businessman who was born on July 21, 1946, in Dessie, Ethiopia. He was raised in Ethiopia by his Ethiopian mother and Saudi Arabian father. As a child, he attended local schools before moving to Saudi Arabia to pursue higher education.

In Saudi Arabia, Al Amoudi earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Alexandria. After completing his education, he began working in construction, building roads and bridges in Saudi Arabia. He also invested in real estate, which helped him to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth.

In the 1980s, Al Amoudi began investing in Ethiopia, his country of birth, by investing in the country’s mining, agriculture, and energy sectors. He established Midroc Ethiopia, which became one of Ethiopia’s largest employers. The company played a crucial role in Ethiopia’s economic growth, creating jobs and generating revenue for the country.

Over the years, Al Amoudi expanded his business empire, investing in various sectors, including oil and gas, cement production, banking, and hospitality. His company, Midroc Africa, operates in several African countries, including Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti. He also has investments in Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to his business ventures, Al Amoudi is known for his philanthropic work. He has made significant contributions to various causes, including education, health care, and poverty alleviation. He has donated millions of dollars to the construction of hospitals, schools, and mosques in Ethiopia and other African countries.

In 2017, Al Amoudi was arrested by Saudi Arabian authorities as part of an anti-corruption crackdown. He was held in detention for over a year before being released in 2019. During his detention, his business empire faced significant challenges, and he was forced to sell some of his assets to pay off debts.

Despite the challenges he has faced in recent years, Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi remains one of the most successful and influential businessmen in Ethiopia and the African continent. He has played a significant role in Ethiopia’s economic development, and his legacy will be felt for years to come.

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